Tortellini Con Latte / Panna / Burro.....Tortellini With Milk / Cream / Butter

I believe by now you have graduated from the University of Plain Pasta and you are about to begin your Master's Degree in stuffed pasta. By stuffed pasta I mean, Tortellini, Ravioli, Canneloni, and Lazagna and precisely I mean home made pasta. You would want to make your own pasta and your own ravioli, and tortellini etc. so you can know what is inside or stuff with whatever ingredients you want.

Today we shall begin with something easy.  We go to the supermarket and pick up a couple of packs of tortellini off the rack. These are dry, ready made. The next step is to go to the supermarket and stop at the fresh food refrigerator and check out the different freshly made pastas, including tortellini and ravioli.

To make dry tortellini you will need :
Serves 5
-  2 x 250 gms packs of tortellini.  There are many Italian brands you can choose from.
For the sauce:
-  150 ml of milk.
-  100 ml of fresh cream.
-  4 Tbsp. fresh butter.
-  2 Tblsp. of parmezan cheese.
-  Boil 5 liters of water for the 500 gms. of tortellini.
-  First prepare the sauce.
-  Melt butter, add cream, then the milk and mix to homogenize.  Bring to a boil ( be careful the mixture does not boil over) then lower heat to minimum and simmer for about 3 minutes.  Add the parmezan cheese, mix and set aside.
 -  When the water boils add tortellini . Stir, and wait 10 to 12 minutes.
-  Drain. Turn off heat.
-  Immediately add the sauce to the pot together with the drained tortellini.  Always retain a bit of the pasta water in case you need it for the sauce.
-  Mix the tortellini with the sauce, cover and let stand for about 2 minutes uncover and stir to coat all the tortellini.
-  Repeat above step once more.  When you see the tortellini are nice and creamy, transfer to serving platter, sprinkle some parmezan cheese, and some freshly ground pepper.



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