Tabbouléh.....Refreshing For Hot Days

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Taboulé is definitely Lebanese and is pronounced  «Tabbóulé» where the accent is on the "o " and the ending is as it is written with an " é ".  My aunt Mary from Roum, near Beirut, showed me how to do it when I was a little boy.
It can be a meal by itself specially when eaten with whole leaves of lettuce. To make a proper Tabbouleh, you need a lot of parsley. This is the base. Then you need to cut everything very very small with the Makhrata as is called in Arabic or the Mezzaluna. These are the two secrets of Tabbouleh and of course the Bulgur (cracked wheat).
You will need:
Serves 8
-  4 bunches of parsley very very thinly cut with the mezzaluna.
-  150 gms of cracked wheat soaked in cold water for 2 hours in the fridge.
-  5 big tomatoes seeds taken out, and finely chopped with the mezzaluna.
-  2 large onions thinly chopped with mezzaluna.
-  Juice of 3 lemons.
-  1 bunch of fresh mint very finely cut with the mezzaluna.
-  6 Tblsp. olive oil.
-  salt and pepper to taste.
-  One bit lettuce separated from base and very well washed, rinsed, and let upright to dry.
-  Add all the above, except the lettuce, together and mix well.
-  Place in a large salad bowl and stick in the lettuce leaves standing around the Tabbouleh.
How to eat:
-  Take the large leafy part of the lettuce and stuff it with Tabbouleh, wrap and eat.
Bon Appétit and Bil Hana Wal Shéfa!


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