Slow Baked Fresh Leg Of Pork With Sage And Garlic.....With Wedge Skin On Potatoes

This is another recipe which can be used to entertain friends at home.  It is impressive specially when you have all the equipment to present it on and cut it with.

You will need:
Serves 10 - 12
-  7 kg fresh skinless leg of pork, with bone, shank and all.
-  Lots of dry sage.
-  About 20 cloves of garlic
-  Lots of salt and pepper (pork needs a lot of salt, and pepper.
-  3 kgs of medium sized potatoes, well brushed, well washed cut in wedges.
-  Olive oil (prefer Greek extra virgin Kalamata Olive Oil)
-  2 Tbsp.oregano
-  Trim pork leg from excess fat.
-  Preheat oven to 160 degrees C.
-  Make as many deep cuts as you can just by inserting a sharp knife at equal distance between each other. Stuff these holes with half a garlic and lots of sage. (Stuff each cut before making the other one)
-  Wet your hands with olive oil and pat all over the pork leg
-  Place pork leg on a rack fat facing up, and put large pan underneath to collect drippings.
-  Insert a meat thermometer not to touch fat or the bone becaude it will give false readings.
-  Bake uncovered for at  least 6 hours till you have an internal temperature of 170 - 180 degrees Fahrenheit. (82 degrees C)
The wedge skin on baked potatoes:
-  Place potatoes in an oven proof dish lined with baking paper, add olive oil and mix well, add salt, freshly ground pepper and oregano.
-  Bake for 1 hour in max oven temperature.
This can be done after the leg of pork is finished.
Serve the whole leg on a cutting board and the potatoes in a different serving dish.


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