Bratwurst With Rösti...........Lets Go Swiss Today!

It is very nice when you live in Milan, Italy because you not only are in one of the world's bggest centers of fashion, but the Swiss-Italian town of Lugano is only a forty five minute drive across the border from Italy into Switzerland.  Driving along lake Como on the way, is beautiful specially when you are driving an Alfa Romeo 2000 Spider Veloce convertible two seater. You can go there for dinner and be back in Milan in time for clubbing. Como is the town on lake Como on the Italian side. Lugano is the town on Lake Lugano on  the Swiss side. The drive there is very romantic, while the town of Lugano is very clean, orderly but touristic. 
This dish is for people who like sausages and potatoes. Young children who love Hot Dogs may or may not like it. I know that my kids love bratwurst ever since they were young. Bratwurst is made of pork and veal, sometimes only veal in countries where pork is forbidden due to religious reasons.  Bratwurst is usually grilled.
You will need:
Serves 4
-  4 - 6   bratwurst sausages of any size.
-  6 big potatoes peeled and slightly boiled.
-  50 gr of good fresh unsalted butter.
-  Grater
-  100 gr of freshly grated cheddar cheese.
-  Onion, or garlic salt, some nutmeg and pepper.
-  Hot Dijon mustard.
-  No ketchup and no French's mustard.
- Charcoal or gas grill medium heat.
-  Set the bratwurst on the fire and grill till done and juicy.
For the Rösti:
-  In a medium sized skillet, melt the fresh butter and add the grated potatoes, season with garlic or onion salt, nutmeg and pepper.
-  Press to make into a perfect circle. Do not cover, fry on medium to low heat, till the potatoes take a brownish color from underneath.  Flip over and fry the other side. Make sure the potatoes are cooked. That is why they have to be slightly boiled before they are fried. The rösti must be crisp on the outside and soft in the inside.
-  Add cheese and put under the grill only until it melts.
-  Serve the bratwurst on the rösti, hot Dijon mustard, and a green salad on the side. And of course nice cold beer.


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