Madras Curried Chicken Wings with Pappadums.

Fried Pappadums
As a rule I always like to use freshly made broth from fresh chicken, meat, or vegetables....
I then have the possibility not use any salt at all and get rid of excess fat.  All the broths bought ready from supermarkets have unknown ingredients and preservatives which I do not agree with.

Today we are having chicken wings which are going to be boiled first in little water, carrot, celery, lemon, ginger, turmeric and other anti-oxidant spices. I will however use ready made medium hot Madras type curry powder.

Once the chicken wings have cooked and are ready nearly going off the bone, they will be picked up alone carefully and set on a plate for later,

  • 1 kg chicken wings cut at their joints.
  • 1 large carrot finely cubed.
  • 1/2 bunch celery leaves.
  • 1/2 bunch parsley leaves.
  • 1 whole leek including soft green part.
  • 1 litre of tap water.
  • 1 T ginger powder.
  • 1 t  turmeric.
  • 1 T ground cumin.
  • 1 T ground coriander.
  • 1 T sweet paprika.
  • 1 t black pepper.
  • 10 small scallions including chopped.
  • 3 cloves of garlic finely chopped.
  • 3 t Madras ready mixed powder dissolved in some water.
  • Add chicken, water carrots,celery, parsley, leek, ginger powder, turmeric, ground cumin, ground cumin, ground coriander, sweet paprika, and black pepper in a pot bring to a boil and then simmer for one hour.
Note on the broth:

There are two ways you can use the broth.
  1. Either use it as is with all the various spices and veggies you added or
  2. Once the broth is ready, strain it well and use only the clear liquid. Keep the rest for a snack between meals when you get hungry (it is basically tasteless).
  • Take the chicken wings out of the pot using tongs and place in bowl.
  • In another pan, heat some oil and stir fry the chopped scallions till soft including green parts then add the finely chopped garlic. Stir fry everything till the garlic lets out that wonderful aroma.

  • Throw in the chicken wings, add 3 to 5 t  Madras curry powder depending on how strong a curry taste you like and give a good mix.  
  • Add broth depending on how much sauce you want to make, boil, then simmer for 15 minutes then thicken sauce if you wish with 3 T of corn flour dissolved in little water. Stir to thicken sauce.
  • Turn off heat.

  • Keep left over broth in the freezer for another curry.
  • Serve with some good ol' white Basmati rice and pappadums. 
Enjoy!! I know I will once my family comes back from voting for our illustrious new government!! I already voted early in the morning... don't like waiting in line.



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