Chicken Kebabs........No Skewers Needed!

I am about to give you an idea you may not have thought of before to make your chicken kebabs even tastier and more presentable to your guests.

We all know rosemary goes very well with chicken. As you cut your fresh rosemary from your plant at home try to cut short branches. Hold the top of each little branch with one hand, leaving behind the top of the branch, slide your thumb and forefinger down the branch with the other hand. You will end up with a bare branch with a head of rosemary on top.  Marinade your chicken pieces anyway you like, adding the loose rosemary leaves then instead of using a normal wooden skewer you use the bare branch of rosemary to pass through each peace of chicken like in the picture below. Cut any protruding branch behind.

Hope you like the idea which by the way is not mine.


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