Stuffed Little Meringues....Very Easy And Quick

Little meringues are delicious when you can just put a couple with stuffing in the middle in your mouth without choking! There are many recipes which call for egg yolks so by the end of the day you end up with a bunch of egg whites meaning that you can either make a cholesterol free omelet, increase the quantity of two to three fried whole eggs on corn tortillas "Huevos Rancheros" type breakfast or beat the heck out of them and make small meringues as a sweet.

We decided to make small colored meringues and stuff them with cream and chocolate.

You will need:
Makes a bunch depending on the size. You should make even numbered meringues in order to couple them with stuffing between them.
 -  120 gm of egg whites.
-  200 gm of castor sugar.
-  2 tsp. corn flour (corn starch).
-  Splash of vinegar.
-  Ready made whipped cream in two bowls where you can add cocoa powder to the second one to give it the chocolate taste.
-  Blue and Red food coloring.
-  Preheat your oven to 110 degrees C.
-  Start beating your egg whites till they get foamy.
-  Add sugar, corn flour, and vinegar and increase beating to medium high till you get those beautiful stiff peaks. They won't budge if you invert the bowl they are being beaten in.
-  Divide your egg white mixture into two putting a few drops of red pastry food coloring in one bowl and blue to other. Mix well to get a uniform color in both bowls.
-  Use your pastry bag with a wide nozzle and make as many even numbered blobs you can on a cookie sheet.
-  Bake for one hour.
-  Take out from the oven, let cool then, hold one softly with one hand add a tsp. of ready made cream or chocolate mousse, and stick another meringue as a sandwich.  The above picture.
-  I used white cream for the blue meringues and chocolate cream in the pink.
Et voila!!


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