Grilled Slices Of Untreated Back Pork Bacon Marinated In Olive Oil, Oregano, Salt And Pepper

By untreated Back Pork Bacon I mean meat taken from the back of the pork before it is cured, smoked and made into what is called bacon.  This untreated part of thr pig is delicious when grilled on high heat on a stove-top grill.. If you don't have a stove-top grill I would  recommend you get one especially if you use gas to cook with. It is very useful for grilling steaks, fish, chicken etc. The only problem is that it is a pain in the neck to wash afterwards...but what the is not easy anyway!

So, if you happen to buy a whole slab either ask your butcher to cut into 1 inch wide slices (safer) or you can do it at home but be careful not to cut yourself as I did,very badly, the other day  (one of the hazards of cooking).

Back bacon here is preferred to pork belly because back bacon has a 15% fat to 85% lean meat ratio, while  pork belly is very fat, 60% fat to 40% lean meat ratio.
 You will need thr following in order to grill this back pork.
Serves 10 - 12 when grilling other stuff as well. You can use your bbq if you like.
- 1 slab pork back untreated cut into 1 inch slices. 

-  ½ cup olive oil.
-  1½ Tbsp. fine oregano.
-  Salt and freshly ground pepper to taste. Pork becomes tastier with a bit more salt added to it.
-  Marinate pork in thr oil, oregano, salt and pepper preferably over night but you can do it at the last minute before grilling. Overnight  is better of course.
-  Heat your stove-top grill or bbq to max heat and start grilling your pork.
-  Turning occasionally until cooked through.
Serve with lemon wedges and a Greek salad with Feta cheese.

Note:  This dish is not recommended for people who are "cholesterol" conscious.
 Enjoy without guilt!


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