Spinach Pie II................A Different Way

Spinach Pie II Just Taken Out
Of The Oven
One Portion (1/8 Of The Pie)
That Is How The Pie Should
Appear Inside


This spinach pie was inspired by Jamie Oliver. I made it according to my equipment possibilities and taste.

You will need :
Serves 8 triangles
-  700 gms of fresh spinach washed three times to get rid of sand and earth. Half cooked, preserve liquid. Roughly cut spinach.
-  700 gms of Feta cheese. coarsely cut.
-  7 sheets of rectangular Filo pastry.
-  6 eggs beaten.
-  50 gms of flour.
-  25 gms of butter.
-  Oats for sprinkling.
-  Some freshly grated cheese.
-  Olive oil (prefer Greek extra virgin Kalamata olive oil).
-  Salt, Pepper, some garlic powder, freshly ground nutmeg.
-  1 Round oven proof earthenware mold 28 cm diameter.
-  Brush.
-  Add feta cheese to beaten eggs, add come garlic powder, very little salt ( the feta is salty enough),and pepper.
-  In a sauce pan melt butter, add flour, cook, add 250 ml of spinach water. Make a thick but smooth bechamel. Season.
-  Add bechamel to the eggs. and cheese. Mix well.
-  Add cooked spinach. Mix well.
-  Brush bottom and sides of oven proof round dish with oil. Before placing one of the 7 filo pastry to cover the dish with the sides of the filo dropping on both sides of the dish, rub it well with oil. Repeat with second sheet of filo also rubbing with oil but placed crosswise to the first. Repeat with the third sheet always rubbing with oil placing it diagonally to the first two. Repeat with the rest of the filo sheets always rubbing with oil,  till the dish is covered with all 7 sheets. ( I am using 7 sheets because that is all I had in my fridge. You can use 8 or 9 sheets if you wish but maximum 10).
-  With the palm of your hand,  press the filo sheets downwards to take the form of the dish, add the egg/cheese/spinach mixture. Spread evenly.
-  Now, fold the protruding pieces of filo pastry from the sides of the baking dish, to cover the surface. Brush with oil. Repeat with all protruding sheets folding them on the surface. Each time brush with oil. Till all the extra filo protruding from the sides of the dish as folded onto the surface of the pie. You should end up with a round pie. 
- Brush some more oil on the sides of the dish,  with a sharp knife cut in four quarters, and each quarter into two, to end up with 8 triangles. Spray the surface with water, bake for half an hour on the lowest level of your oven at 250 degrees C. Then raise shelf to the centre of the oven for another 20 - 25 minutes at the same temperature until the surface is golden brown.
N.B. I have an old conventional oven with no circulating air.
Note: You may have noticed that no dill or onions were used as opposed to my first recipe.
-  Take out from the oven and let it stand 20 minutes before eating otherwise it is too hot to enjoy.  It is equally good cold the next day.
Choose any wine you wish
Bon Appétit


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