Bauern Früstück...... Farmers' Breakfast!!

Germany, one of the strongest countries in the world, eats lots and lots of potatoes,"Kartoffeln".
Today I will share with you a recipe passed on to me by my German aunt Laura who lived in the country side outside Stuttgart. It is called Bauern Früstück or the farmers' breakfast! It consists of potatoes, eggs, sausages, and smoked bacon all mixed up together to give a hearty meal to begin your work day with.
You will need:
Serves 6
-  1 1/2 kg of potatoes par boiled and roughly cut.
-  8 sausages cut in 2 cm pieces. France, Germany, Belgium, Switzerland, Poland, Hungary have fantastic sausages.
-  8 fresh eggs beaten.
-  8 slices of smoked bacon roughly cut.
-  Fresh butter.
- Little bit of oil.
- Salt and pepper.
-  Melt a good lump of butter, add the oil (so that the butter does not burn), heat and add the potatoes. Mix and cook on high heat till they are crispy and have taken a nice golden color all around and are cooked inside.
-  Add the sausages and the smoked bacon mix, cook till they are done.
-  Add the beaten eggs, mix and cook till eggs are set.
Note:  you can top with grated cheese which melts.
-  Season with salt and pepper.
Note that this recipe can be made for lunch or dinner if you wish.
Et voila!! Breakfast is served.
Have a good day,
P.S. Be careful not to fall  asleep after this breakfast!!


  1. Bauern Frühstück absolutely must be accompanied by a big dill pickle. That is, you might say, the condiment for what might otherwise seem a rather mundane breakfast combo. When I lived in Germany, I ate this meal many times. It was cheap (we were students), had easy to obtain ingredients that could be kept in our pantry, which was not refrigerated, but had holes in the wall letting in the cold outside air. And it could also be cooked easily on top of our coal stove in one pan, which was handy because we had no running water other than a single tiny faucet near the floor meant to fill a mop bucket. To this day, I find it an easy supper to throw together in a hurry when I don't have anything more complicated planned. I add thin sliced onions to the recipe.


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