Amuse Gueule....Mussels, Feta & Chili On A Shell.

Amuse Gueule is a one bite affair, one mouthful situation! Something to tickle your appetite with. So today I would like to share with you mussels with feta cheese and chili on a shell. When we buy fresh mussels I always keep the big, nice looking shells, they are washed and sterilized for situations like this when frozen mussels are being used. .
You will need:
Serves many at a party:
-  500 gms of frozen mussles thawed.
-  100 gms of soft feta cheese.
-  A tomato sauce made with lots of garlic,
-  Fresh ginger cut in pieces.
-  Finely chopped chili.
-  Some olive oil.
Empty Mussel Shell
-  Cook mussels in vapour for 5 minutes after the water boils.
-  Mash the feta, with the chili  pepper and some olive oil.
-  Add a spoonful of sauce in the mussel. shell.
-  Place one or two mussels in the tomato sauce.
-  Place one piece of the ginger.
-  Top with some of the feta/chilli mixture.
-  Pop under the grill (middle shelf) for about 5 minutes.

Mussel Shell With Tomato
Spicy Sauce

Mussel Shell With Tomato Sauce
Two Mussels And A Piece Of Ginger
Mussel Shell With Tomato Sauce
And Two Mussels

Mussel Shell, Tomato Sauce
2 Mussels, Feta/Chili
After 5 Minutes Under The

Et Voila!!


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