Spicy Swordfish Slices In Soy Sauce, Fish Sauce, and Ginger.....Healthy

Sometimes it is great to cook something very quickly and not to have to hassle around for a long time in the kitchen. Skillet cooked swordfish slices is quick and easy. The slices of this fish are usually roundish and big so it really depends on your appetite. Fish in general cooks quickly, is very light, and full of water.

You will need:
-  4 slices of fresh or frozen swordfish.
-  2 Tbsp. olive oil (prefer Greek extra virgin Kalamata olive oil).
-  2 Tbsp. of soy sauce
-  2 Tbsp. of special fish sauce.
-  1 Tbsp. of ginger powder.
-  1 tsp. garlic powder.
-  1/2 Tbsp. of cayenne pepper.
-  Add oil on a stick free skillet, heat, add the swordfish slices and fry both sides half a minute each side on high heat.
-  Add soy and special fish sauce, cayenne pepper,  garlic and ginger powder.
-  Stir sauces  and spoon over fish till a nice color is obtained and it is cooked.
-  Voila!!
Serve with vapor baby potatoes and a green salad.
Suggested wine:  Any dry white wine will do.


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