Caramelized Onions

Caramelized Onions are a treat because they very easy to make on one hand and yet difficult on the other. They are easy to make because all you have to do is boil finely sliced onions with caster sugar, butter and water till all the water boils off. The difficult part is to be over the pan when all the water has evaporated and make sure the caramelization is evenly done.

As we know onions are sweet by themselves but the addition of sugar raises the taste to a whole new level. And the addition of a refined brandy makes it even better. Caramelized onions go with many kinds of foods such as meats, chicken, fish, pork, foie gras and...

in sandwiches, potatoes, you name it.

Just a little caramelized onions go a long way on a dish ... just like mustard.

Ingredients for 4 people eating foie gras with toasted country bread you will need:

-  3 big white, red onions pealed.
-  50 gr of butter.
-  1/8 cup caster sugar.
-  large wide pan.
-  tap water.


-  Slice very thinly the 3 big onions using a mandolin. In my opinion this is the quickest way to slice the onions extra thin. Be careful not to slice your fingers when you reach the end of the onion, so use the special guard supplied with the mandolin.
-  Add the sliced onions freed from their concentric stage into rings onto the pan.
-  Throw in about 50 gr of butter.
-  Throw in 1/8 cup sugar as well,
-  Enough water to cover the onions by a couple of cm.
-  Boil and keep boiling while stirring once in a while until all the water runs out and you are remained with the softly cooked onion rings and the butter.
-  Now is the time to watch out. Stay on top the stove and keep moving the onions around.
-  This is also the time to add your brandy, moonshine or whatever strong you have and make sure you gather all the good stuff stuck to the pan to give it color and flavor.
-  BE CAREFUL AND KEEP YOUR FACE AWAY BECAUSE YOUR PAN MAY FLAMBÉE! In other words catch fire due to the alcohol.
-  That's it. Turn off your heat and serve.

N.B. I am giving you my experience with a gas kitchen.

Enjoy with anything you please or even by themselves with bread if you don't have anything else around.



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