Greek BBQ....Best With Ouzo Or Retsina!!

For some reason we all woke up this morning and decided to break our usual light no salt, no sugar diet so we decided to have charcoal grilled breast of turkey, country sausage, burgers, and fried Haloumi cheese (you know the cheese that squeaks while chewing).

Ingredients for 4:

-  600 gr whole breast of turkey.
-  2 long country sausages.
-  250 gr Haloumi cheese well rinsed from the salt and sliced thickly.
-  300 gr ground beef.

-   Marinate breast of turkey with Oregano, Thyme, and olive oil till charcoal fire is ready.
-  Add some olive oil to an oven proof pan and add the sliced Haloumi cheese.
-  For the burgers: add one egg, some bread crumbs, oregano, ½  minced onion, 1 crushed clove of garlic, 1 Tbsp. olive oil salt and pepper to your ground beef and mix well to form your burgers.
-  Put your breast of turkey on the coldest side of your fire and turn every 10 minutes for 30 minutes, bbq covered.
-  After 30 minutes put your sausages, burgers, and the pan holding the Haloumi cheese.
-  Cover your bbq. with all vents open for about 20 more minutes turning the sausages, the cheese and the burgers.

-  Before taking the turkey off the grill make sure it is well done but just the juices seeping out.
-  Your Greek BBQ is now ready to enjoy with Ouzo on ice and/or Retsina wine.



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