Chicken With Beer In The Butt....

 June 16th is father’s dayWe had guests and decided to make something different not very known in Greece or maybe Europe. It is, however, quite well known in the United States Of America. It is “Chicken with beer in the butt” . We all know what butt means but in this case the butt of the chicken is the big hole between the thighs .  I think is a marvelous idea to stick a small beer can at room temperature with lots of holes on the top in this hole…let the chicken stand and cook in this manner.

Recipe for 8:

-          2 chickens washed, gizzards taken out, neck and tail cut off (don't throw away some people like them).

-         2 small cans of beer, room temperature, with extra holes made on top. Discard the first half or better yet drink it.

-          A few sprigs of fresh rosemary.
-          A few sprigs of fresh thyme.

-          Salt and pepper to taste.

For the rub:
-           1 Tbsp. garlic powder.
-           2 Tbsp. paprika.
-           2 Tbsp. cumin powder.
-           2 Tbsp. chili powder.
-           1 Tbsp. Hickory salt.
-           And anything else you can think of but in powder form.

-           Dry chickens well with kitchen paper.
-           Mix rub products well.
-          Rub both chickens in and out with this rub.
-          Stuff some fresh thyme and rosemary in the hole of the chicken.
-          Spread fresh thyme and rosemary on the chicken itself from the outside.
-          Using both hands insert the hole of the chicken on each beer can.


 -        They should be well inserted to make sure they don’t fall.
-          Stick the rest of the thyme and rosemary sprigs in the neck.
-          Finally sprinkle some salt and pepper on both chickens.
-          Cook in a preheated oven at 175 degrees C for 2 hours or till the meat thermometer reads 85 degrees in the thighs.

-          You will see that the chicken will cook beautifully and the skin will be very crispy but…. Don’t eat the skin!!! It is bad for you….ha ha ha famous last words.!!

-          When cooked leave stand 10 to 15 minutes to cool, then carve. 

 Note: The reason for the beer cans is that the beer inside will slowly evaporate to keep the chicken meat moist till the end.

It was delicious!!

Enjoy!! And
Happy Father’s Day!!


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