Home Made Spelt (Zeas In Greek) Bread.

 It's great to have an automatic or semi-automatic bread making machine at home. You can make your own bread according to your specifications....no salt....no sugar....you can choose the flour you want etc. Needless to say it takes some experimentation to do so.  You must have the patience and time, these are two things I have plenty of. I bought myself a bread making machine which has its book of recipes but I had to do some changes.... I am now presenting you with a "Fait Accompli" just in case you a bread machine. By the way it is a De Longhi which can be switched to a mini oven when needed.
When you get the right recipe then you can use your mixer and oven. I haven't tried it yet. Here how it goes using the bread machine for 1 kg of spelt bread. Please bear with me I will present you with proper instructions for mixer/oven use.

-        400 ml hot water 37 degrees C.

-        500 gm whole meal spelt flour. (Alevri Zeas)

-        50 gm rye flour. (Alevri Sikaleos).

-        50 gm flax (linarosporo) seed.

-        40 gm sesame seeds ( toast it if you wish).

-        35 gm pumpkin seeds (kolokithosporo).

-        50 gm sunflower seeds (iliosporo).

-        30 gm honey.

-        30 gm fresh yeast.

-        1 tsp. baking powder.

-        Using your mixer and hook attachment add the following in the order written:

-        Water @ 37 degrees.

-        Whole meal spelt flour, rye flour, flax, sesame seeds, pumpkin seeds, sunflower seeds, honey, baking powder and finally fresh yeast broken in small pieces by hand.

-        Start mixing on speed 2.When everything is mixed increase speed to 3 – 4.

-        Mix for 5 minutes.

-        Transfer dough to your bread maker’s mold having already mounted the paddle.

-        Insert in your bread machine with switch on bread making.

-        Push button to start.

-        Quickly choose AU 7, 1kg, medium browning.

-        Push again to start.

-        It will start, stop a few times till it starts to work continuously.

-        After about 50 minutes the machine will beep.

-        Quickly take out from oven, transfer dough on to the kitchen table.

-        Wash the mold, take out the paddle, dry the mold, put some oil on the bottom for the bread not to stick.

-        Return mold with dough to the bread making machine shape with your hand and press start.

-        Let the bread rise and cook.

-        At the end of the cycle, the bread machine will beep, and clock will go of and on for a few minutes. Then it will beep again and shut down.

-        When you hear the final beep. The bread is ready.

-        It should just drop off.

-        Let the bread cool down. 
     Good luck,



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