Grilled Turkey On Grilled Peppers...Colorful, Tasty, And Healthy

As you may have noticed my cooking lately tends to be lighter. This is because I have received the strictest of orders from my doctor to lose weight. Also, summer is coming and I have to look handsome wearing my bathing suit! Ha Ha! Today I would like to share with you something nice and easy to prepare which will help you eat your protein and your vegetables...

 You will need;
Serves 4:
- 500 gr.lean breast of turkey sliced ½ inch thick marinated in some olive oil.
-  2 Red bell peppers cut in pieces.
-  2 Green bell peppers cut in pieces.
-  2 Yellow bell peppers cut in pieces.
-  2 Orange bell peppers cut in pieces.
-  No salt, no pepper, no spices.
-  Heat your stove top grill on low heat.
-  Add your pepper pieces and slowly grill overturning once in a while to get the grill marks.
-  Brush peppers with the same oil you marinated the turkey slices.
- When you feel that the peppers are nearly cooked add the turkey pieces and drill slowly till cooked.
-  At the last moment add the cut up greens from the scallions and the sliced scallions themselves.
-  Wait another 2 -3 minutes and turn fire off.
Serve the grilled turkey slices on a bed of mixed pepper pieces.


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