Chopped Calf's Liver Leftovers With Farfalle A La Crème......Very handy!

Ah! So you had some leftover chopped liver (my recipe dated March 13th) and you don't feel like eating it the next day or the day after. So you can deep freeze it for a maximum of one week.
The day you feel like eating it, you could do the following:
Step 1:  Thaw.
Step 2:  Depending on the quantity leftover, boil an equivaltent quantity of butterflies (farfalle) or any other pasta you haven't eaten for a long time.
Step 3:  Have 500 ml of Fresh Cream on hand (full cream 35% fat; none of that "light" stuff).
Step 4:  Put the liver in a wide and deep pan, heat. Add the pasta mix well, add the cream to make a nice, rich, liquid sauce.
Step 5:  Top with freshly ground pepper,  freshly grated parmezan cheese,  and sprinkle some finely chopped parsley for decoration.
Serve quickly because the pasta loves cream as it will suck it up real quick and you may end up with dry pasta. A tossed green salad on the side and you're done for the day. Now you will have to worry about what you will have to cook for the next day.....!!
Bon Appétit


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