Dear Family and Friends,

This is the most modern way to stay in touch with you guys and maybe through my recipes you will be able to Make Your Dreams Come True. By this I mean that by executing my recipes with success you will enter the hearts of your loved one/s just like I entered the hearts of many of my friends (glad this is English and not French where the gender is not specified!!)and thus once more proving the famous saying "The shortest way to someones heart is through the stomach".

Cooking has been my hobby since my teenage years when my father took me in as his errand boy and helper in his culinary ventures which he never achieved because he was in the Movie Theater business. The same goes for me as I was in Chemicals and Trading all my life and never took up cooking seriously although since my early years friends used to always congratulate my dishes trying to convince me to open a restaurant. In fact now I see that I should have gone to a cooking academy right after high-school. I never really had the guts to open my own little place somewhere in all those countries I lived in before settling in Greece.

Having been in contact with many nationalities, I had the opportunity to taste their cuisine and that is the main reason I have this blog in order to share them with you. You will have the chance to make food from Egypt, Sudan, Tunisia, Lebanon, India/Pakistan and Greece. I don't dare to include any French, Italian, or Chinese recepies because there are so many of them however I will try to give you my version of them.

Of course I expect you guys to be strict when you write a review (that is in case you make any of my recipes).

Happy Cooking,



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