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Hot Greek Chilis ! !
I Hang Them And After 2-3
Days They Turn Red.

In 2004 I worked under Chef Daniel Rautureau at the, three star Michelin, Hotel and Restaurant "La Réserve" in Saint-Jean-de-Luz, about 30 km south of Biarritz, Atlantic south west of France. I had the chance to learn first hand real Gourmet Cooking and Plate Dressing. I am Greek by birth, international by choice. Multilingual by education.

I cook ever since I was 16 when I used to help my father cook during summer vacation and during special occasions. I love to create dishes out of nothing.

Just a little note about myself regarding cooking...will not bore you...I always wanted to become a Chef de Sauces....Specialized in sauces. That is why I feel that sauces are my strong point.

This blog is helping me realize my dream of opening my own restaurant someday. It also is a very good oportunity of  putting all my hand written recipes in a digital form.

I have challenged myself, and promised my readers, to write at least one recipe a day till December 15th 2011 after which I will stop. I will then combine all the recipes written since December 16th 2010 into an e-book which I hope to sell on the Internet.

I would also like to publish the e-book into an actual book to give as a souvenir gift to friends and family.

After December 15th 2011 I will write at my own leisure because I'll tell you a secret, writing every day is not easy specially when I am doing this only as a hobby and never had any formal training in cooking. It is quite a job to cook, take pictures, transfer them to my lap top, put the www.your-dreams-coming-true.com logo on every picture, then to upload them to be ready to be used for the blog. Then, to actually write something not completely idiotic in the blog, plus give the proper quantities to be used in the recipes.  I would like to confirm that every recipe has been tried and eaten either by us, or by us with friends.

I thank all my readers for their support until now although I don't know why I am not receiving any comments on the blog itself.

With best regards

Athens, May 5th 2011

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