Smoked Fresh Filet Of Salmon With Basil/Garlic/Olive Oil Sauce

Found a beautiful piece of Fresh Salmon skin on weighing 1.2 kg  at our Supermarket and it was love at first sight.....I knew exactly what to do with it. It served 4.

Slapped it on my electric smoker bought back in 1984 when I was last in Houston with the company who was kind enough to pay my shipment back to Sfax, Tunisia where I was working then.

Salmon does not take long to cook and the only thing I wanted to do it was to give it a slight smoky flavor. But it did take 1½ hours to cook. Put one pack of wet apple wood chips over the heating element , put the bowl of water over the chips with one carrot, one onion, and the heart of a celery to give the water and vapors taste. The salmon was cooked and smoked to perfection specially with the vapors keeping it moist.

 Note: The skin will stick to the grill. So overturn the onto a plate and free the fish with your fingers. The skin will stay on the grill.

Served it with a sauce made of a bunch of basil leaves, 3 cloves of garlic, and ¼ cup olive oil all processed  into a fine sauce.

The taste of the smoky salmon was exquisite and divine served with a lentil / buckwheat / cherry tomato salad.

We all enjoyed it tremendously.


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