Roman Gnocchi...As Opposed To Potato Gnocchi.

If you remember the Gnocchi Di Patate Al Gorgonzola post dated May 25th 2011, "Gnocchi Alla Romana” is also a typical dish in Italy.  From the name you can see that the origin of this recipe is from Lazio (Rome's Football team)...

Region Of Lazio / Roma Courtesy Of Wikipedia On Google
where Rome is the capital. Lately some have suggested that the origin can be traced back to the cuisine of the north west of Italy, Piemonte, because the recipe calls for  lots of fresh butter, unlike preparations from southern Italy, where olive oil is extensively used.  
You will need:

Gruyère Cheese Courtesy Of Wikipedia On Google
Pecorino Romano Cheese Photo Courtesy Of Wikipedia On Google
Serves 4
-  250 gr fine Semolina.
-  1 liter milk.
-  100 gr good quality fresh butter. 

-  3 egg yolks.
-  120 gr freshly grated Parmesan cheese. 
-  40 gr Gruyere cheese.


-  40 gr Pecorino Romano cheese. 
-  1/8 tsp. nutmeg. 
-  Butter to brush baking dishes.

-  Extra 50 gr fresh butter to pour on top of cheese. just before baking.
-  salt to taste.
-  Boil the milk with nutmeg, butter and salt. Pour in the semolina in a slow sprinkle and cook for about 10 minutes keep stirring to prevent "balling". At the beginning it is easy but as you keep adding the semolina it become thicker and thicker (just like a polenta) but you have to keep on stirring till all the semolina is added and you obtain a smooth thick dough-like mixture.

 -  Allow to cool and add egg yolks, Gruyere, and parmesan cheeses and mix well to incorporate everthing especially the egg yolks.
-  Pour the mixture on an buttered baking pan, flatten to a thickness of about half an inch and cut with a round pastry cutter or the rim of a glass.

-  Arrange the gnocchi alla romana in a pan previously greased with fresh butter. Sprinkle with Parmesan,  pecorino and Gruyere and melted butter and cook the gnocchi in the oven at 200 degree C  until they are golden brown. 
-  Serve as a starter.
-  On the occasion of my Maria's birthday, I made some oven baked chicken wings and a salad made of hairlike shavings of cabbage with corn, grilled sweet red pepper and green olive with a Dijon vinaigrette.

Cocoa Fudge Cake With Vanilla Frosting
And a birthday cake which Barbara decorated:



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