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Roesti....A Different Procedure

A ll I am doing in my blog is to give you ideas on how you can make certain dishes in different ways or just give you ideas you can elaborate on with your culinary skills and imagination. All what cooking is about is " Inovation  -  Inovation -  Inovation "....

Rectangular False Vegetable Pizza...As Vegetarian And Light As It Gets!!

T his is not a pizza. It has no tomato on the bottom, and definitely no cheese. could have been a 3 million calorie pizza if I put a doctored tomato sauce on the bottom and covered it with nice, melting Cheddar, Mozzarella, Gouda or a mixture of all three!....

Porcini Rice...As opposed to Risotto Ai Porcini

T oday I will have the pleasure to share with you a normal white rice made with dried porcini mushrooms.   Please do not mistake this for a risotto with porcini.  I don't like risotto for the only reason that it looks like  porridge which puts me off.

Raw Cauliflower!!...No Loss In Vitamins

A lthough broccoli and cauliflower are basically from the same family, only cauliflower can be eaten raw. Unfortunately it is not as healthy as broccoli.  As I was washing our cauliflower today for lunch, I suddenly felt very hungry so I had one or two flowers of the cauliflower which was crunchy and delicious....

Camembert Fritters - Another Interesting Appetizer

A s we have already mentioned in the passed posts that Camembert is a cheese from the Normandy in France. It is usually round and you can cut it in eighths, coat them with flour, beaten egg, and fine bread crumbs then fry it in very hot oil. The secret here is that the camembert should be very cold, and oil very hot so they get nice and crispy. Stick a toothpick in each, and you have a nice appetizer. Note: You can do this with any cheese you like as long as it is hard on the outside and soft in the inside. Enjoy! Stelio