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Boiled Chicken With Kidney Beans & Artichoke Hearts.

A marvelously light side dish for an equally marvelous boiled chicken is required to start from now to slim down for the beach!! We want to be nice and thin when we come to wear our "bathing suits". Here it is: Ingredients:  -  1 whole chicken skin taken off by your butcher. -  1 big onion cut in two with 5 or 6 whole cloves stuck in them. -  3 celery sticks with leaves cut small. -  2 bay leaves. -  No salt, pepper to taste. -  1 whole medium potato pealed. -  10 frozen hearts of artichoke. -  1 can 240 gr drained kidney beans. Method:  -  Boil chicken in pressure cooker for 30 minutes using the onion with the whole cloves, celery sticks, bay leaves, whole potato, and pepper. Keep chicken closed until serving time. Open pressure cooker (by now all the steam must have gone and therefore it is safe) and cut the chicken in its segments. -  Separately heat beans. -  Separately boil the artichoke hearts till cooked and tender. Serv

Fried Rice with Sugar Snaps

F ried rice with sugar snaps is an easy dish you make when you are tired of cooking fancy.

Same As Yesterday's Flourless Cake But With Caralmelzied Oranges

H ere is another thought for you all out there: