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Calf's Liver With Samos Wine And Cream

Cubed Calf's Liver Marinated In Oregano, Olive Oil, Dried Garlic Flakes. C alf's Liver can be cooked in many ways as long as that heavy odor is overcome. There have been other recipes for calf's liver in this blog, but this is different.

Parmesan & Pecorino Romano Savory Cookies..... Do Ahead For A Party.

W e are already eight days into the new year. These were lazy eight days because life in the streets of Athens has just began.  Everybody is back from their "Cortina D'Ampezzo " holidays and supposedly back to work... Our politicians are still arguing between them who is right and nothing is being done to fix things. Everyday there are new austerity measures and we, the people, do not know what to do anymore and try to go on with our lives as if nothing is happening. Alexis,a friend of Barbara's, was having a party for his wife Joanna yesterday to celebrate her name day  (St. John the Baptist day ) and I prepared some savory cookies to take with her and here is what I did. You might like the idea...