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Quick Burgers With Scallions

You can see the scallion bits in the burger! N ecessity is the mother of invention. At least for me in this occasion. The other day I needed to make some burgers, and was out of onions so I used fresh onions or green onions or scallions. Burgers came out delicious! Used the green part as well. As known the scallion has a different taste/flavor than the onion. Here's how

Baby White Beans & Broccoli Florets In Tomato Sauce

A fter a day of eating fried, we should eat light. Baby beans soaked all night, boiled for 30 minutes in lots of water, when done cover until you decide what to do with them sounded like a good idea.   We had some broccoli a few days old, so I decided to add the florets 7 minutes before turning the fire off. Serves 4-6 Ingredients:  -  500 gr of baby white beans soaked in lots of water overnight. -   1 onion finely chopped. -   4 cloves of garlic thinly sliced. -   2 carrots finely diced. -   1 bunch celery leaves roughly chopped. -   1- 2 cups of liquid remaining after boiling the beans. -   No salt no pepper. -   1 Tbsp. soy sauce. -   1 Tbsp. ketchup -   250 ml tomato sauce. (Passato di pomodoro). -   Small head of broccoli separated  into florets. Method: -  Drain water from beans and add fresh water into a saucepan add the beans. -  Heat to boiling, reduce heat to minimum and let boil 30 minutes or until beans are soft. -  Strain, reserve 2

Greek Independence Day March 25th 1821.

P lease read my posting on March 25th 2011. As known, Greece was under the Ottoman Empire from 1453 A.D. to 1821A.D. It was on Tuesday 13th ( no wonder why Tuesday the 13th is considered an unlucky day in Greece--something like Friday 13th) that Greece fell under the Ottoman rule. It was on March 25th that the Archangel Gabriel came to tell the Virgin Mary that she was going to give birth to our Lord Jesus Christ. Therefore this date is held in Greek history as the date that a priest by the name Paleon Patron Yermanos rose the Greek flag and said "That's It" no more Turks! It is also a custom that on this particular day Greeks eat fried Bakalao fish (salted cod) with a heavy on garlic paste made with a mixture of wate r soaked old bread, potato, lots of garlic, vinegar and extra virgin olive oil. Because I have stopped eating white bread made from wheat, I looked into the internet to find some other recipe to make this paste. All I had to do was to look at my ow

Baked Baby Mackerel With Onions/Garlc/Ginger And Za'atar

O ur surpermarket decided to bring in fresh fish everyday. Found these baby Mackerel to help us with our Omega 3 and heavy metal intake!!(I'm joking about the heavy metal). Ingredients: - 4 baby Mackerel heads cut off, gutted, opened and cleaned. - 2 cloves of garlic finely sliced. - 1 medium onion, finely chopped. - 2 inches worth of ginger finely grated. - 2 tsp. za'atar (Lebanese origano) - 1 Tbsp. olive oil. Method: - Cover small baking dish, with baking proof paper. - Lay the four fish and fill stomachs with garlic and onion. - Sprinkle rest of onions on top of the fish, - Sprinkle the za'atar. - Pour the oil. - Distribute the ginger. - Bake for 20 minutes at 200 degrees C. Delicious! Bon Appétit, Stelio