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Skinless Roast Chicken With Fruit, Vegetables & Pumpkin

M y newer type of cooking is far from being vegetarian.   There is no way I can become a vegetarian. I cannot live without meat, chicken, etc. This so called "newer type of cooking" will try to stay away from starch such as potatoes and wheat (with all its products) . Unfortunately wheat products are many. These include pasta, white or whole wheat bread, cakes, pizza etc. Ask your butcher to take the skin off your chicken.

Seafood With Cracked Buckwheat & Turmeric

T he difference between Bulgur and Cracked wheat is that the latter has not been parboiled. Bulgur is considered a whole grain by the U.S.D.A. Cracked wheat is found in most supermarkets and has already been used in this blog. Buckwheat on the other hand has not been used. So this is a completely new recipe. Buckwheat or Φαγόπυρο in Greek is difficult to find in Greece unless searched in Health Food/Organic Food supermarkets. Buckwheat can be found cracked or milled.Wikipedia mentions that buckwheat is not wheat. For all intensive purposes, cracked buckwheat has been used in this recipe and used instead of rice.

Paleolithic Diet Or The Caveman's Diet...

T oday my friends I would like to share with you something very interesting.  Some of you may have heard of it and some of you may not. I, for certain have not. This "diet" or "life style" as I would call it, should be the way I will definitely try to follow for the rest of my life. This "life style" is what is known as the Paleolithic Diet.

Black Eyed Peas & Fish Soup...Practicing For Winter

T he idea here is to cook the black eyed peas in lots of water add whatever needs to be added then finally to poach the fish filet on the surface during the last 10 minutes or so.  This is a warm, light, tasty meal to enjoy on a week day for lunch.  The orange piece you see is pumpkin.

Fresh Salmon Filet ....Slow...Slow...Slow Cooking On Stove Top.

 W hen buying your salmon filet ask the fish monger not to take off the skin...just make sure that the scales have been scraped and washed away.  I have personally seen my friend Chef Rotureau prepare this dish for a number of people at the three Michelin star hotel and restaurant in St. Jean de Luz, south west of France, 30 km south of Biarritz.