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I apologize to my readers for the spelling mistake of Quinoa. It is spelled Quinoa (pronounced Quinwa) and not Kinoa as I have written in my previous post. Thank for your understanding. Stelio

Preserve Your Favourite Tomato Sauce When Tomato Prices Are Low

When tomatoes, and generally vegetable prices are low, basically during summer, it is a good idea to make a large batch of your favourite sauce and jar it in well sterilized jars for quick access. It also helps if you have basil and other herbs growing in your veranda. Ingredients: Fresh tomatoes puréed.  Multi coloured bell peppers thinly sliced Onions cubed. Garlic passed through the press. Couple of handfuls of fresh basil, torn by hand. Salt, pepper, chili powder, smoked paprika, chili. Some sugar to offset the tomato acidity. Extra virgin olive oil. Method: Heat oil, stir fry onion till soft. Add garlic and stir till you smell that delicious aroma . Add pepper and stir fry till soft. Add tomato purée. Add sugar. Add spices. Boil, turn down heat to a very slow simmer stirring frequently for one hour. Add water if required but not too much. You need a thick sauce. Turn off heat when time is up. Fill hot sterilized jars with still ho

Lentils & Kinoa...The Super Food

Nothing like beginning your week with a nice plate of Lentils and Kinoa. This is a super food with a concentration of vitamins and nutrients which will give your body one heck of a boost.... the fantastic thing about it .....

BBQ Chicken With Roesti & Grilled Corn

It is Sunday, as the word says it Sun...Day, a beautiful Autumn day for barbecuing. So since we were well stocked on veggies and protein, we decided to cook everything on the barbecue, BBQ Pit Boys style....