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The Scoville Heat Unit...Good To Know If You Like Hot Food

S ince some of us like hot food, I mean really hot, maybe it would be useful to know more about "the heat in food". There are many kinds of peppers and each have their degree of heat (hotness). Maybe we like hot food but not too hot, so by having a good knowledge of The Scoville Heat Units for every kind of pepper we plan to eat, maybe we can limit the damage that can cause a pepper to our palates.

Devilled Eggs...For Young People Who Like To Entertain

T his is a very easy appetizer for anybody to prepare especially for young people who like to invite friends over for drinks and snacks and can put something together quickly and are not very much in to cooking. need to have eggs.

Teriyaki Sauce

 Teriyaki sauce : ½ cup of soy sauce. Pepper no salt cause of the soy sauce.. 4 cloves of garlic crushed and minced. 2 Tbsp. oil. 2 Tbsp. dry vermouth. 1 Tbsp. honey

Pork Kebab Teriyaki...And The Land Of The Rising Sun

  Teriyaki sauce : T eriyaki is basically a Japanese way of cooking fish. The west extended this method to cook pork, beef, and poultry, and vegies.There are different ways of making this sauce and marinade depending on the mood of every person preparing it and depending on what he has on hand.

Taramo-Salata....Another Typical Greek Dip

Photo Courtesy Of Wikipedia To make Taramo-Salata you will need  -  7 slices of 2-3 days old bread without the outer crust   OR 2 medium well boiled potatoes.  -  200 gms of fish roe Tarama (the red not the white). -  2 Tbsp. crushed, smashed onion turned into a paste. -  1½ cups of extra virgin olive oil. -  1/3 cup lemon juice. -  3 finely sliced spring onions. Method: The bread way; -  Soak the bread in some water.  When it is well soaked, squeeze all the water out. -  Put the Tarama in a mortar and grind into a paste with the pestle. -  Add squashed onion and continue to grind while adding a drizzle of olive oil. -  While working the mixture, add some bread then some oil and continue grinding. -  Continue the above step until you have used up all the bread.  -  Still grinding add some lemon (but not all) keep grinding until the acidity is acceptable to your taste. -  All the above steps can be made using the blender.  Just add all ingredien

Chicken Tikka Roast...Hot Food Is Good For The Heat

S picy hot food is good for the heat because it makes you sweat, then comes the breeze to cool you down. That is why the Bedouins of the Western Desert of Egypt wear wool and drink hot tea during summer, the Mexicans eat Jalapeño peppers and the Africans with their Pili Pili. 

Baked Cod Spetsóta...Spetse : Island Of Regal Weddings

T he island of Spetze is one of the most elegant islands of Greece. Spetse, amongst the Argo-Saronikos islands near Athens,  many old Greek families, coming down from Constantinople, Asia Minor and the Diaspora in general have summer houses on Spetse. Last year, the son of Greece's Ex King got married on the island of Spetse.

Lentils And Rice...

L entils are good for you and therefore you should try to find any way to eat them.  Today I thought of  something I don't think I wrote before.