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Noix De Veau Braisé Aux Champignons....Braised Top Side/Tenderloin With Mushrooms

 One Whole Cylindrical Peace Of Beef T he French, the British and the Americans cut their beef differently. Different names for different cuts. And different names for the same cut. Couldn't find the exact translation in the Internet so my only solution is to show you the peace of veal / beef I have cooked. In Greek and in French  is " Noix " which comes in one piece and varies in size depending on age of the animal it comes from. You can buy a whole or half when it is too big. It can weigh up to 3 - 4 kg.It basicaslly looks like a whole filet but this cut needs to be cooked in little water in a pressure cooker (to lower the consumption of gas or electricity)for a long time...

Magret De Canard...Duck Breast

T here are ducks and there are ducks. The Landes area of South West France has just about the finest foie-gras of duck in France and by concsequence the best breast (magret) and leg (confit). Real eaters of foie gras prefer the duck's liver to that of the goose (although goose liver is more expensive). These ducks, because they undergo a special way of feeding which I would rather not mention, fortunately or unfortunately someday this method will stop, have a lot of fat. This fat must be treated with respect because when properly collected and kept, renders other foods such as potatoes very tasty.