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Pistachio Baklava - Defferent Manner

T here are many ways to make Baklava. One way is the one made by Maria on July 25th.  Another is our Greek Chef Patissier Stelios Parliarlos way with a distinctive change by me: type of butter used, quantity of syrup put at the end and cut.....


I apologize to my readers for using the wrong terms in my post dated December 19th 2011 about curing and smoking fresh pork, pork belly and hocks. It is now fixed thanks to Derrick Riches from Barbecues Guide who showed me the light with subtlety. Thanks for your attention, Stelio

Quick Brunch....Just A Thought

J ust a thought to share with you the next time you will be alone at home, expecting to have a late lunch at about 5 pm while you did not have breakfast yet...

Cured / Smoked Fresh Pork, Pork Belly and Hocks For The Holidays!

O n December 7th I went to the Athens Meet Market to buy a slab of fresh bacon, 3 hocks, and two boneless halves of  fresh pork leg which I intended to cure for an average of 10 days, then to smoke them for the holidays...