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Braised Pork Hocks With Sliced Mushrooms.....Light Hospital Food!!

A s it is probably known, that the Christian Orthodox Easter was exactly one week after the Catholic one this year. There we were making plans to have lunch at my brother in law's pool side as we do every year, and Maria, Barbara and I (mainly I) got struck by the frigging FLEW....heavy head with headache, cough as if my lungs were on fire, eyes burning, no taste or smell and the worst of all, fever 39 degrees centigrade (102.2F)!!! Haven't fallen ill like this in years. I was always the one taking care of the my wife was taking care of me. I know what the Bible says "in sickness and in health" but yet I was always the strong one. Of course all this has nothing to do with braising or cooking but it does..... After 5 days of antibiotics etc. and feeling like a bunch of elephants tread over me, I woke up today feeling much better, still weak, but better and the first thing that came to my mind was to cook something myself !!  Doctor's order are to ea