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Gazpacho.....Very Hot Weather Today!

G azpacho is really recommended for hot days. The ice cubes served in it and the slightly tangy taste of uncooked tomato will cool you down. It is also another way to get rid of your very ripe tomatoes, and any stale bread you have.  One way to make Gazpacho is as follows:

Roasted And Peeled Bell Peppers

T his is a delicious preparation to keep in your fridge for a quick tapas presentation to friends who, unexpectedly, came for drinks. These bell peppers are roasted in the oven, peeled, cut into thin strips, put into a an empty jar then covered in olive oil.

Pickled Anchovy (Gavros In Greek)

I went to the Central Fish Market of Athens the other day and had the pleasure of seeing a fantastic array of different kinds of fish, shell fish, big small shrimp, crabs,  huge calamari, small cuttlefish even sword fish. Fresh tuna starts next month. The moon is in the perfect position for good fishing. Anything your heart desires, if you have the money of course and space in your deep freeze. Having in mind to make pickled anchovies or what called in Greek, Gavros, bought 1 kg only because I knew the work that was awaiting me. I also found and bought a beautiful filet of salmon.  Sometimes I go there and come back empty handed because there would be nothing I liked. So I immediately put myself to work on my anchovies.  I always try to clean my fish as soon as I buy it. Once cleaned, either deep freeze or consume.

Cheese Potato And Ham Bake.

A s days pass by I am running out of recipes. Maria is coming to the rescue with her "X Files"she has been keeping all these years we are together.  These are recipes we have been using many years ago which I have forgotten...

Curried Green Peas

M aria and I came up with this recipe because she likes green peas and I like curry. So we thought of mixing both together with coconut milk to produce something light and delicious.

Sweet Salad By Maria...For Warm Weather

H ere is a delicious and fresh salad for a pool-side snack on a hot summer day.

Caramel Frosted Chocolate Cupcakes....Sweet Tooth?

Cupcakes and such are the big thing way to prepare them is ....