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Sauce Bolognese...Commonly Called Meat Sauce.

Ragù Alla Bolognese by Sonia Peronaci T he famous meat sauce called Ragú alla Bolognese, means meat sauce, a specialty of Bologna, the capital of the region of Emilia-Romagna in Italy....

Home Made Tagliatelli With Smoked Salmon And Salmon Roe.

O nce you went through all the trouble of making a batch of 1 kg of fresh pasta which you can cut anyway you like, it is worth your while to use it with different toppings. Last week I made a batch of 1 kg. Cut in half and used it for a meat sauce competition between friends living in the same building where we got second prize! First prize went to our friends from the third floor, and third prize went to our friends from the fourth. We all ate a lot and drank a lot. We live on the sixth and last floor. The other half of the batch we used to eat with smoked salmon and salmon roe. Fantastic....