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Curried String Beans With Potatoes...Family Meal

H aving had many culinary discussions with my  Pakistani friend Sikander who is now living in Egypt, gave me a good insight to Pakistani food.  Although he is married to an Egyptian girl, they eat curries everyday. By "curries" I mean they actually add  the condiments which make up a curry. Not a ready made curry powder mix. The other day they had tomato meat stew and zucchini curry. Fancy that.  It sounds delicious. The zucchini are put at the very end because they contain lots of water. I shall share with you that recipe in my future posts.  Now lets talk about string beans....

Meat Loaf (Greek Style) Sweet Red Wine, Mushrooms And Baked Scalloped Potatoes.

 T here is nothing like meatloaf, steaming hot gravy and baked potatoes on a cold day. Oh yes, autumn is here to stay for the next 2 months, the weather is quite cool outside, more so inside our home and since we are in a financial crisis, we are trying to delay central heating for as long as we can. We are using our fireplace and burning wood instead. Very cosy but we need a Christmas tree as well to go with it but by then we will have so much central heating we will be running around the house with T-shirts and shorts! I checked and it looks like have already written about the meatloaf in my very early posts but this time I am adding pictures! Mushrooms and sweet red wine.

Fettuccine Alfredo - World Famous But Probably "Passé"

Today I would like to share with you some history...

And Yet Another Way To Eat Gnocchi Di Patate...

Potato Gnocchi On A Rug Of Freshly Grated Parmesan I n my humble opinion gnocchi made from potatoes (gnocchi di patate) are to be treated like any other pasta.Therefore by consequence any sauce used on pasta can be used on gnocchi. We all know gnocchi al gorgonzola... we had it on Barbara's birthday seated dinner party. We also had gnocchi with pesto. Now we are going to have...

Tunisain Tapenade...For Spice Lovers

Harissa From Tunisia Courtesy Of Wikipedia On Google I am referring back to my Tapenade posting of August 28th 2011.Tunisia is the land of olive trees, olives and olive oil but it is also the land of spicy food. In fact all of North Africa is known for its spicy dishes...