Tunisain Tapenade...For Spice Lovers

Harissa From Tunisia Courtesy Of Wikipedia On Google
I am referring back to my Tapenade posting of August 28th 2011.Tunisia is the land of olive trees, olives and olive oil but it is also the land of spicy food. In fact all of North Africa is known for its spicy dishes...
Harissa is Tunisia's number one hot ingredient used in many foods such as the"Casse CroĆ»te Tunisien" the lunch break sandwich and the famous Lamb Couscous a recipe which will be included in a future post.  Today I will have the pleasure of sharing with you a deliciously easy and quick recipe to prepare when you have guests or for you to nibble at before lunch (that's how I put on weight!!).
You will need:

-  1 cup green olive preserve.
-  1 tsp. of Harissa.
-  A mortar and pestle.
Melba Toast Courtesy Of Wikipedia On Google
The White Stuff Is Irrelevant.  
-  In a bowl combine the green olive preserve and the Harissa.
-  Using the mortar and pestle grind together to a paste.
-  Serve in a nice small bowl.
-  Place the bowl in the middle of a platter with melba toast around it and a knife to spread when ever you want to have some.


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