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Lasagna Col Pesto.......Common But Not So Common

O ne of the things that you can do with a small jar of very concentrated home made pesto is a béchamel with pesto.  Here is how:

Information About My Recipe On Cranberry Bean Bake.

Hello my dear friends and family. I have to explain myself regarding my recipe on the Cranberry Bean Bake. I feel obliged to tell you the following.

Cod Fish Salad On Artichoke Hearts With An Olive Oil / Lemon Sauce...Improvised By Yours Truly

C od fish and artichokes are good for you. So why not combine the two to make a nice, fresh, healthy dish served cold for summer days.

Chickpea / Eggplant / String Bean Cookout....Simply Delicious

I t is very interesting how many combinations there are when you have about 15 ingredients....and how many ways to cook them...

Saffron Lasagna With Basil Ground Beef....Excellent, Trust Me

T oday even though is not Sunday is a special day for the financial future of Greece.  The parliament is going to vote for the osterity measures that it has to take to get itself out of the mess it got itself in. We live very close to "Sintagma Square" and the Parliament where there is a battle going on between the Greek people, who are against the measures, and the Swat teams. The result is lots of tear gas and chemicals in the atmosphere causing us to be locked at home with the windows shut to keep the gases out but still.  So I said "to heck with it, I'll fix Lasagna"! To  make saffron lasagna with basil ground beef you will need.

Cranberry Bean Bake ....Texan/Italian Style

I bet you guys never had beans this way before. So hang on and you shall enjoy the ride.

Pistachio And Raisin Rice Pudding.....Maria Is At It Again

W hen we were kids we loved rice pudding, now a few years later we still like rice pudding.  Here how Maria prepares it.

Eggplant And Potato Curry.....Lovely!!

A Curry is always welcome; whether it is winter, spring, summer, or fall. I would like to share this recipe with you so you will experience the ecstasy of this dish...the aroma of fresh cilantro blended with garam masala, and mustard seeds...and....perfectly vegetarian.

Grilled Chicken ....Mediterranean Style

T oday we have a surprise sweet and a grilled Mediterranean style chicken to share with you:

Hálva Constantinople Style....Πολίτικος Χαλβάς

Hálva Prepared The Constantinoplean Way Using Coarse Semolina. S emolina , comes in coarse and fine grinds.  Wheat is the raw material where semolina comes from.  The Italians make their pasta from 100% semolina flour. The north Africans use semolina to make their couscous.  In Greece, semolina is used mainly for various types of sweets.