Lasagna Col Pesto.......Common But Not So Common

One of the things that you can do with a small jar of very concentrated home made pesto is a béchamel with pesto.  Here is how:

To make lasagna al pesto you will need:
Serves  6
-  18 rectangular lasagna sheets that do not need pre-cooking.
-  1 litre of milk.
-  1 cup milk extra.
-  5 Tbsp. pesto dissolved in the milk.
-  30 gms. flour.
-  30 gms. butter.
-  100 gms. freshly grated parmezan cheese.
-  Salt, pepper, and nutmeg.
-  Add the pesto to the milk which will turn green as opposed to yellow with the red saffron in my previous recipe.
-  Make a thinnish bechamel using the milk, butter and flour.
-  Get your rectangular baking dish 30 cms. x 35 cms.
-  Using a pastry brush butter the bottom and the sides of the dish.
-  Add enough bechamel sauce to cover the bottom of the baking dish.
-  Lay 6 sheets of lasagna.
-  Pour bechamel to cover the 6 sheets.
-  Sprinkle parmezan over the whole surface. (First Layer).
-  Lay another 6 sheets crosswise.
-  Pour bechamel to cover the 6 sheets.
-  Sprinkle parmezan over the whole surface. ( Second Layer).
-  Lay the 3rd and last layer of 6 pieces of lasagna.
-  Pour the rest of the bechamel to cover the whole area.
-  Sprinkle with the rest of the parmezan. ( Third Layer ).
-  Pour the cup of milk.
-  Drop three knobs of butter.
-  Bake in a preheated oven to 220 C for 30 minutes.
-  Take out from oven and let cool ten minutes.
Note: I put the pesto in the milk with which I made the bechamel.
Serve and enjoy with a nice salad.


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