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BBQ American Black Angus Rib Eye....I Can Only Say A "WOW"

As you notice the plate has two steaks. One person failed to come so I had the pitmaster's privelage!! This is the first time ever I eat American Black Angus Beef! Charcoal burning at 375 degrees F, it only took three minutes on each side to be a perfect rare+  as everybody wanted it...

Glorified Pumpkin Tart... Already Posted On September 9th 2012 And Am Sure You Will Love It Again.

 L et's face it, we do not know pumpkin in Greece. I know North America has many recipes but I do not seem to find any that excite me personally. Since we are in pumpkin season, we have been looking everywhere for pumpkin recipes and all came out to be for sweets. We wanted a savory recipe. So I put my mind to work for a change and came up with the following...

Another Way Of Preparing Spaghetti Ground Meat Sauce

I have recently thought of another way of preparing ground beef sauce for pasta, moussaka, or any other dish which needs this sauce. Bottom line is...

Bouquet Garni

A bouquet garni is tying together with cooking twine fresh sprigs or leaves of each of the aromatic herbs you want to use during your cooking to form a bouquet just like a bouquet of flowers.Usually it should consist of thyme, bay leaf/leaves, sage and or rosemary or any other herb as shown above. I have used a sprig of rosemary (far left) three bay leaves (above center), sage (center) three sprigs of thyme. A bouquet garni is usually used for sauces, casseroles and such foods that contain solids and liquids. Of course in order to use fresh herbs you should be growing them in your veranda, or garden. Cooking meat sauce. I am dedicating a whole post to the bouquet garni because it is a very common way to add aromatic herbs to your cooking without having the actual leaves in the food. All you have to do is just to take it off and throw it away. Do not reuse it. Enjoy! Stelio