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Garbanzo Beans (Chickpeas) With Canned Sardines

Garbanzo Beans otherwise called Chickpeas, are delicious. Everybody knows Humus. Well, humus is made with garbanzo beans. People in the desert eat garbanzo beans that is why these beans are very much consumed in the Middle East. Please allow me to share with you the benefits before I go to the more interesting part....the eating! Nutrients in Garbanzo Beans 1.00 cup cooked (164.00 grams) Nutrient%Daily Value -  molybdenum164% -  manganese84.5% -  folate70.5% -  fiber49.8% -  tryptophan43.7% -  protein29% -  copper28.9% -  phosphorus27.5% -  iron26.3% -  Calories (268)14% (Courtesy of  "The World's Healthiest Foods".