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Fava With Sardines On Corn Bread Cakes

F ava is a Greek word meaning the yellow machine cut bean. It does not need to be soaked overnight in water. It can be boiled for a maximum of 45 minutes with enough water to cover it by 3 cm when cold. Be careful to take off the foam when it start boiling.Once the fava beans are boiled to the soup consistency, you can take it one step further by letting more liquid evaporate leaving the fava beans "nearly" dry  but  NOT COMPLETELY DRY.   You would want to keep just enough fluid in there so when you purée it with the vertical  hand mixer, the outcome would be a thick, yet slightly fluid, purée. 

Thin Corn Bread Cakes

C orn bread is one of the main staples in American food. Corn bread is filling, nourishing and delicious especially the way I made them. Usually corn bread is baked in a round,  or square 2 inch deep mold and cut in square pieces or triangles, baked for 20 to 25 minutes at 200 degrees C (400 F). I chose today to pour the batter onto a cookie sheet, spread it evenly and bake it at the same temperature but for 12 minutes only. It came out yummy. So yummy that I don't think there will be any left for lunch! Here is how they were made....

Leek Pie...A Vegetarian Delight.

L eek pie is a quick, easy and inexpensive vegetarian starter to make without using cheeses. All you have to do is sauté the leek, onion, scallions and parsley...

Lemongrass Tea

L ive and learn!! That's what happened to me with lemongrass.....

Greek Style Rice Stuffed Tomatoes And Bell Peppers.

I love stuffed tomatoes and bell peppers! It is not an easy dish to make so it should be made on a Sunday when we have no plans to go out or have nothing to do. This dish is international.  Every country makes it, its own style. This is the Greek house-wife recipe.

Green String Beans With Cauliflower And Semolina Squares.

Green String Beans With Cauliflower And Semolina Squares. Green string beans with cauliflower and semolina squares is a meal by itself.  String beans are bought frozen and already cut  in pieces so as to make it easier to use in a meal like this. This dish can be considered vegetarian if chicken broth is not used to make the tomato sauce and generally to cook the whole meal in. So basically it depends on who cooks it to decide. Broth is used to improve the taste, and the body of the dish.  Of course many herbs and condiments could be used instead of the broth but that really would change the overall taste of this recipe. The health benefits of green string beans are....