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Happy New Year 2011

Dear Family and Friends, New Year's eve and day are very difficult to suggest recipes for. The important thing is to have enough nutritious food in you just to keep you going till that wonderful moment when the clock strikes midnight for the New Year, all night till you see the first sunrise of 2011, and... for your dreams coming true. Happy New Year 2011 everybody and may God bless you all. See you on January 3rd, 2011 Sincerely, Stelio

Merry Christmas Everybody!

Hello there family and friends!! Today, sorry but I am too busy cooking stuff for the house so unfortunately will not be able to give you any ideas...but as I promised you, I will include today's some other time. I wish you wholeheartedly fun tonight, safe driving, and may tomorrow's lunch, no matter what it consists of, be eaten in an atmosphere of love, peace, and lots of laughter. Sincerely Stelio

Two more days to Chrismas Gifts!!

G ood morning everybody. Athens has mild south winds, lots of humidity, and a muggy weather... yet the Christmas Cheers is here... I will try to be more concise in my explanations and bla-bla. Down to business!! Meat loaf with skin-on wedge potatoes.

Christmas Cheer and Your Dreams Coming True

G ood morning every body!! Hope you are bright eyed and bushy tailed!! Only four days to gift opening day!! I don't think Santa will be very nice to us this year the IMF made him angry!! I am going to try to give you guys a recipe every day, don't promise but I certainly will try. The first one was on the 16th of December, meaning I owe you 4 recipes... so sit tight. If I am blabbering too much please tell me, I love to talk.

Spinach Pie No. 1 ........ Spa-Na-Ko-Pi-Ta

T oday's Recipe is easy!! Spinach Pie - Σπανακόπιτα Serves 4 persons with good appetites!! After trial and error using various other recipes, this one is sure to work.


Dear Family and Friends, This is the most modern way to stay in touch with you guys and maybe through my recipes you will be able to Make Your Dreams Come True. By this I mean that by executing my recipes with success you will enter the hearts of your loved one/s just like I entered the hearts of many of my friends (glad this is English and not French where the gender is not specified!!)and thus once more proving the famous saying "The shortest way to someones heart is through the stomach". Cooking has been my hobby since my teenage years when my father took me in as his errand boy and helper in his culinary ventures which he never achieved because he was in the Movie Theater business. The same goes for me as I was in Chemicals and Trading all my life and never took up cooking seriously although since my early years friends used to always congratulate my dishes trying to convince me to open a restaurant. In fact now I see that I should have gone to a cooking academy ri