Spinach Pie No. 1 ........ Spa-Na-Ko-Pi-Ta

Today's Recipe is easy!!
Spinach Pie - Σπανακόπιτα
Serves 4 persons with good appetites!!
After trial and error using various other recipes, this one is sure to work.

You will need:
-  1 kg of cooked spinach pressed and all liquids extracted. Discard liquids.
-  ½ kg feta cheese or combination of feta and other.
-  3 Medium sized leeks.
-  1 Bunch Dill.
-  1 Onion.
-  Olive Oil or Margarine.
-  ½ tsp. nutmeg.
-  Salt and pepper to taste (Careful the feta has itself enough salt).
-  2 eggs.
-  1 pack puff pastry (two rectangular pieces).
 -  Slice leeks and onion.
 -  Cut up dill into very small pieces.
 -  Stir fry leeks and onion in oil or margarine until soft but not coloured.
-  Add the cooked spinach and dill.
-  Add Feta/cheese pieces.

-  Mix well. (The heat will melt the feta and cheeses).- Add salt, pepper and nutmeg to taste.
-  Turn off the heat. Let cool, and add the two raw eggs and mix well.
-  Brush the bottom of a rectangular oven proof dish with oil or margarine.
-  Line the dish with one of the puff pastry rectangular pieces.
-  Add all the spinach mixture evenly distributed.
-  Cover with the other puff rectangular piece and tuck all four sides.
-  With a sharp knife cut into serving portion.
-  Brush the top with egg and milk, and spray with some water.
-  Cook at 200 degrees Celcius for one hour in the middle of a conventional oven.
-  Move the whole dish one level lower for about half an hour to brown the lower part of the pie.
Note: This spinach pie is good hot and even better cold next day.
Bon Appetit!!


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