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Stuffed Tomatoes And Green Bell Peppers Greek Style...Totally Vegetarian

O k the day has finally arrived when M is going to share with you her recipe for stuffed tomatoes and green bell peppers with rice etc. Λαδερά This dish is international.  Every country makes them, their own style.  M is going to share with you the Greek house-wife recipe.

Sweet Corn And Lentil Salad...Yet Another Way To Eat Lentils.

I t is curious how many ways there are to use lentils . This is a very nice one and fresh for summer.

Left-Overs With Pink Béchamel Sauce Au Gratin

S ometimes you may have calculated wrong and cooked too much food. Of course you are not going to throw the left-overs away so the best thing to do is to cover it well first with an parchment paper and then with an aluminum foil and stick it into your deep freeze until you decide what you are going to do with it. Do not leave it in the fridge and then freeze. Freeze immediately. In the freezer it can stay at least ten days. On July 20th 2011 I had prepared baby penne rigate with mussels, mushrooms, and pesto. Only half were eaten. So the other half were directly put in the freezer well covered etc. the other day we had nothing planned to eat for lunch so we decided to thaw this frozen dish and changed it

Codfish With Taragon In Dry White Wine Sauce

I believe, by now, my blog readers will surely know many recipes on codfish, pasta, and pork. So be it. At least you will have a good choice when you have any of these three ingredients in your fridge.To make codfish with tara

Pork Tenderloin On Vine Leaves With Large Juicy Grapes

B oy it sure is a fun day today. M ( not the one in James Bond!) and I get to cook together. Lots of back rubbing, wine, who knows we may even get a little tipsy!  In fact M is cooking and I am her cleaning boy... she cooks I wash. We are listening to nice music from the speaker I installed in the kitchen and everything is fine and dandy. M is going to make us pork tenderloin on vine leaves with large juicy green grapes.

F a n o u r o p i t a.... A Cake For Saint Fanourios Day On August 27

S aint Fanourios day was three days ago. My wife and I baked it today August 30, because it is our wedding anniversary. 30 years my friends. It takes lots of patience, and hard work to keep it going well. Saint Fanourios' icon was found on the island of Rhodes, in Greece around the 14th century A.D.  He was depicted wearing a soldier's uniform and legend says that he was the protector of lost persons, animals and things. Legend also says that he helps un-married girls find the man they will marry.  Every year he is commemorated on August 27th. Greek Orthodox custom has it that most housewives bake a cake in his memory on August 26th. Once the cake is baked, cooled and cut in 40 pieces, it is taken to the church on August 27th where it is blessed by the priest. The 40 pieces are distributed amongst the church, neighbors, relatives and friends. This cake was originally made with 9, ingredients pertaining to lent reason being that his name has 9 letters. F-a-n-o-u-r-i-o-s = 9

Tenderloin Of Pork In A Santorini Sweet Wine / Orange Sauce...When You Have Friends For Dinner

T he island of Santorini has become as famous as the island of Mykonos . They are part of the Cycladic group of islands of the Aegean. Santorini produces very good wines in its volcanic soil. Nama, a red sweet wine is one of them. The Island of Samos also produces its famous Samiotico sweet wine as well as Patras produces its red Mavrodafni which is equally good. Italy's version is Vin Santo produced on the hills of Tuscany.   In the Orthodox church, the red is used for Holy Communion with small pieces of bread inside to symbolize the flesh and the blood of our Lord Jesus Christ.  In international cuisine it is used in many recipes for pork, and duck especially for fresh duck liver. For pork tenderloin you will need:

Garbanzo Bean Nibble.....Before Dinner Drinks

Garbanzo beans as they are commonly called in Mexico, are chicpeas, homos in Arabic, revithia in Greek. Soaked overnight and cooked by steaming or boiling. They are delicious when simply

Tapenade..... An Appetizer For Before-Dinner Drinks.

A tapenade is green or black olives made into a paste with various condiments in it. A few weeks ago I shared with you, my friends, a recipe on marinated green olives (June 6th 2011). To make my tapenade you will need: