Left-Overs With Pink Béchamel Sauce Au Gratin

Sometimes you may have calculated wrong and cooked too much food. Of course you are not going to throw the left-overs away so the best thing to do is to cover it well first with an parchment paper and then with an aluminum foil and stick it into your deep freeze until you decide what you are going to do with it. Do not leave it in the fridge and then freeze. Freeze immediately. In the freezer it can stay at least ten days.

On July 20th 2011 I had prepared baby penne rigate with mussels, mushrooms, and pesto. Only half were eaten. So the other half were directly put in the freezer well covered etc. the other day we had nothing planned to eat for lunch so we decided to thaw this frozen dish and changed it
Left-overs were enough for three.
-  Prepared a béchamel with 25 gms of butter and 25 gms of flour and milk to your desired béchamel consistency, salt pepper nutmeg and 3 Tbsp. of a tomato sauce which you probably have fridge for short term emergencies. There goes your pink béchamel.
-  In individual oven proof dishes distribute the left-over penne rigate sprinkle lots of parmezan, and coat with the béchamel. Add some freshly ground black pepper and bake for 20 minutes at 200 degrees C. or until they take a nice color.
-  Let cool and serve. Fantastic! And not a single penne rigate thrown away.
I believe these are little tricks which could help you in cases like these bearing in mind there are millions who don't have anything to eat.

Bon Appétit


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