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Good morning to all 37000 Americans who are nice enough to read me. I guess the only way to get your attention is to post a message so all of you can read it. Why Americans?? Because you are the majority of my readers. I am very eager to receive  comments, good or bad, from you guys to give me some feedback on the quality of my posts. I need to have your opinion so I can do better, or write recipes you would like. In other words I would like some interaction. Thanks for reading this. have a fantastic day, Stelio   

Roasted Pumpkin Boats.... It is October!!

Pumpkin time - hooray!! How nice... October is here, the rains have began, the farmers are happy, we are happy because we are having our building painted from the outside although it was planned for July...but what can you say. Pumpkin is a very healthy vegetable.  I began eating pumpkin at the beginning of my journey down from 155 kg, and now two years later I'm stuck at 130 kg. After being called in a couple of days ago by my physician friend for a 24 hours (blood pressure Holter)check up on my blood pressure, I decided that it is now the time to start losing the rest down to 100 kg. No special diet, nobody supervising me, just I, me and myself have taken the decision to lose the rest by eating white meat such as boiled skinless chicken (I use the stock to cook  Millet, Quinoa, Buckwheat), fish and lots of different colored veggies, raw, cooked on steam, or just roasted. No salt added just some extra virgin olive oil. No I have not decided to become a Vegetarian or a Vegan