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Chewy Tahini Squares...Different Cookie!

U ntil now, people unfamiliar with Tahini may not know that it can also be used as a sweet.  In one of my posts I have written about how to made a Tahini dip, or having plain Tahini and honey or jam on toast in the morning for breakfast, well this time I am using Tahini as an ingredient to make a sweet....

Glazed Apple Slices...A Fine Side Dish For Pork, Beef Or Poultry

A pples are very versatile. They can be cooked in as many ways as your imagination can of these ways is to easily glaze them with a mixture of butter, brown sugar, and enough water to cover them. 

Tahini...A Thousand And One Night Dip

Tahini Photo Courtesy Of Wikipedia On Google T ahini is a paste made from Sesame seed. The oil you see floating on the top is the sesame oil which is an integral part of the tahini.  This is exactly like peanut butter where sometimes the oil floats on the top (if it is not made in U.S.A.). Tahini is very much used in the eastern part of the Mediterranean basin from Greece Eastwards, including Lebanon, Syria, Jordan, Palestine, Egypt, and Iraq. Tahini is used as a complement to shish kebabs,  meat, chicken, fish, and salads and even alone as a dip in western countries by people who lived in the middle east. Tahini is extremely good for the health and contains a number of vitamins, fiber, and other.