Quick Brunch....Just A Thought

Just a thought to share with you the next time you will be alone at home, expecting to have a late lunch at about 5 pm while you did not have breakfast yet...

You will need:
-  3 whole eggs broken and well beaten.
-  1 cup cooked rice left-over in the fridge.
-  ½ any kind of sausage (Country, German, or Turkish Sujuk sausage) cut in small pieces.
-  10 gr fresh butter.
-  Melt butter in small pan.
-  Throw in the cut sausage.
-  Fry till it changes color.
-  Add cold rice out of the fridge.
-  Fry the rice with the sausage.
-  When sausage and rice are well fried together (3 minutes max), throw in beaten eggs.
-  Use the same technique mentioned in previous posts for making an omelet by pushing the done eggs from the rim of the pan towards the center letting new uncooked egg come in its place and so on till all the egg is done.
-  Transfer into a plate on a round pitta bread.
Enjoy with a nice  hot cup of coffee.
Bon Appétit,


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