Taramo-Salata....Another Typical Greek Dip

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To make Taramo-Salata you will need
 -  7 slices of 2-3 days old bread without the outer crust  OR 2 medium well boiled potatoes.
 -  200 gms of fish roe Tarama (the red not the white).
-  2 Tbsp. crushed, smashed onion turned into a paste.
-  1½ cups of extra virgin olive oil.
-  1/3 cup lemon juice.
-  3 finely sliced spring onions.
The bread way;
-  Soak the bread in some water.  When it is well soaked, squeeze all the water out.
-  Put the Tarama in a mortar and grind into a paste with the pestle.
-  Add squashed onion and continue to grind while adding a drizzle of olive oil.
-  While working the mixture, add some bread then some oil and continue grinding.
-  Continue the above step until you have used up all the bread. 
-  Still grinding add some lemon (but not all) keep grinding until the acidity is acceptable to your taste.
-  All the above steps can be made using the blender.  Just add all ingredients and mix. Then add the oil slowly to your taste.
-  All this preparation must be done quickly.  You want to end up with a thick,and creamy paste.
The potato way:
-  Instead of the bread you can use 2 medium well boiled potatoes.If the Taramo-Salata comes out too thick, you can add some soda water. The carbon dioxide in the water will make it fluffy and creamy.
Whichever way you make the Taramo-Salata, you can add a handful of chopped nuts, a couple of olives and a drizzle of extra virgin olive oil at the end before serving.


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