Skinless Roast Chicken With Fruit, Vegetables & Pumpkin

My newer type of cooking is far from being vegetarian.  There is no way I can become a vegetarian. I cannot live without meat, chicken, etc.

This so called "newer type of cooking" will try to stay away from starch such as potatoes and wheat (with all its products) . Unfortunately wheat products are many. These include pasta, white or whole wheat bread, cakes, pizza etc.

Ask your butcher to take the skin off your chicken.

-  1 skinless chicken.
-  2 quartered onions.
-  2 Tbsp. garlic/ginger paste.
-  Fresh rosemary and thyme.
-  Minimum salt and pepper.
-  2 apples quartered skin on.
-  2 fresh prunes pitted.
-  1-2 oranges sliced peel on.
-  2 sweet green peppers.

-  Any other vegetables you may have (didn't have any other this day).
-  1 kg pumpkin skin on (it was too hard to take off so it was cooked skin on) cut into 1 inch slices.
-  Nutmeg / cinnamon / coriander powders to taste.
-  1 Tbsp. turmeric.
-  1 cooking bag.
2 Tbsp. olive oil.
-  Cut a 2 kg pumpkin in half lengthwise keep the skin on.
-  Clean the inside keeping the seeds.
-  Slice the pumpkin across into ½ inch slices.
-  Coat the pumpkin slices skin on and the seeds with nutmeg / cinnamon / coriander powders and turmeric using your hands for the mixture to go everywhere.

-  Wear kitchen gloves or else your hands will turn yellow due to the turmeric.
-  Place in oven dish.
-  Separately coat chicken with fresh rosemary and thyme.
-  Fill oven bag with the vegetables and fruit.
-  Place chicken in the bag as well.
-  Close bag with supplied strap.
-  Cut a hole the size of a 20 Euro cent in the top of the bag for cooking vapors to escape.
-  Place bag in the baking dish covering the pumpkin.

-  Roast in oven for 1½ hours or less depending on strength of oven, at 180 degrees C.
Serve chicken with the roasted pumpkin, seeds, vegetables and fruit on the side.
Bon Appétit,


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